A few short games I designed with some philosophical questions in mind. For my commercially released titles, check my CURRICULUM VITAE.

Stefano Gualeni’s Games

Doors (the game) (2021) Doors is a weird point-and-click adventure about in-game doors. It is our latest attempt at playable philosophy [PLAY ONLINE].

Construction BOOM! (2020) Construction BOOM! is a strategic tile-laying board game designed to satirize the unrestrained, booming real-estate business in Malta. [PRINT-AND-PLAY]

HERE (2018) HERE is a mock-JRPG videogame that invites the player to reflect on how many types of 'here' can co-exist in a virtual world. [DOWNLOAD]

Something Something Soup Something (2017) Something Something Soup Something is a short first-person adventure videogame about analytical definitions and the notion of 'family resemblances'. [DOWNLOAD or PLAY ONLINE]

NECESSARY EVIL (2013) NECESSARY EVIL is a self-reflexive videogame about the centrality of player-experience in videogame design. [DOWNLOAD]