Find some of my best peer-reviewed articles and papers below.
The rest of my academic works can be browsed on google scholar.

Some of my academic journal articles:

Van de Mosselaer, N. & Gualeni, S. (2023) The Implied Designer of Digital Games. Estetika (The European Journal of Aesthetics), 60 (1).

Van de Mosselaer, N. & Gualeni, S. (2022) The Fictional Incompleteness of Digital Gameworlds. ToDiGRA Journal, 6 (1).

Gualeni, S. & Van de Mosselaer, N. (2021) Ludic Unreliability and Deceptive Game Design. Journal of the Philosophy of Games, 3 (1).

Gualeni, S. (2021) Fictional Games and Utopia: The Case of Azad. Science Fiction Film & Television, 14 (2).

Gualeni, S. (2021) A Theodicy for Artificial Universes: Moral Considerations on Simulation Hypotheses. International Journal of Technoethics, 12 (1).

Gualeni, S. (2020) Artificial Beings Worthy of Moral Consideration in Virtual Environments: An Analysis of Ethical Viability. JVWR, 13 (1).

Vella, D. & Gualeni, S. (2019) Virtual Subjectivity: Existence and Projectuality in Virtual Worlds. Techné: Research in Philosophy of Technology, 23 (2).

Gualeni, S.; Vella, D.; Harrington, J. (2017) De-Roling from Experiences and Identities in Virtual Worlds. JVWR, 10 (2).

Gualeni, S. (2017) The Experience Machine: Existential Reflections on Virtual Worlds. JVWR, 9 (3).

Gualeni, S. (2016) Self-reflexive videogames: observations and corollaries on virtual worlds as philosophical artifacts. G.A.M.E., 10 (5).

Gualeni, S. (2014) Augmented Ontologies; or, How to Philosophize with a Digital Hammer. Philosophy of Technology, 27 (2).

Book chapters I wrote:

Gualeni, S. & Van de Mosselaer, N. (2023) Representing Imaginary Spaces: Fantasy, Fiction, and Virtuality.

Gualeni, S. (2022) Philosophical Games. Entry in the Encyclopedia of Ludic Terms.

Gualeni, S. & Vella, D. (2021) Existential Ludology and Peter Wessel Zapffe.

Gualeni, S. (2019) Virtual World-Weariness: On Delaying the Experiential Erosion of Digital Environments.

Gualeni, S. (2018) A Philosophy of ‘DOING’ in the Digital.

Gualeni, S. (2017) Virtual Weltschmerz: Things to keep in mind while building experience machines and other tragic technologies.

Gualeni, S. (2015) Playing with Puzzling Philosophical Problems.

A few academic conference papers:

Andreou, A. T.; Gualeni, S.; Sánchez Contreras, G. J. (2023) Co-designing Enrichment Toys with Bottlenose Dolphins: Playfulness as a Corrective to Anthropocentrism ACI 2023

Gualeni, S. & Van de Mosselaer, N. (2023) Game Studies Through 'Conceptual Games': The Case of Doors DiGRA 2023

Van de Mosselaer, N. & Gualeni, S. (2020) The Implied Designer and the Experience of Gameworlds. DiGRA 2020

Fassone, R., Alonge, G. & Gualeni, S. (2020) Deployment Mechanics in Analogue and Digital Strategic Games: A Historical and Theoretical Framework. DiGRA 2020

Schellekens, J.; Caselli, S.; Gualeni, S.; Bonello Rutter Giappone, K. (2020) Satirical Game Design: The Case of the Boardgame Construction BOOM! FDG 2020

Gualeni, S.; Fassone, R. & Linderoth, J. (2019) How to Reference a Digital Game. DiGRA 2019

Gualeni, S. (2019) On the de-familiarizing and re-ontologizing effects of glitches and glitch-alikes. DiGRA 2019

Gualeni, S.; Gómez Maureira, M. A. (2018) Self-Transformative effects of designing videogames and the challenge of capturing them quantitatively: a case study. FDG 2018

Westerlaken, M. & Gualeni, S. (2017) A Dialogue Concerning ‘Doing Philosophy’ with and within Computer Games. PoCG 2017

Gualeni, S. (2014) Freer than We Think: Game Design as a Liberation Practice. PoCG 2014

Gualeni, S. (2011) What is it Like to Be a (Digital) Bat? PoCG 2011